As a child growing up in Charleston, West Virginia, I often accompanied my father, a professional photographer, to the State Legislature for meetings with many Governors’ and various Secretaries of State.  Each summer I would accompany him to a summer leadership program sponsored by the American Legion “Boy’s State” for high school juniors that replicated a mock state legislature mirroring their actual state.

Upon graduating from Charleston High School I attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia where I studied Social Work.  After college I returned to Charleston and gained practical experience working in the retail industry.

My intention to enhance my career led me to the City of Baltimore 25 years ago where I immediately embraced the city and worked professionally for businesses such as H&S Bakery, Alex. Brown and Sons, and The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore.  Subsequently I was recruited to work at Baltimore City Hall as a neighborhood liaison for the 5th District of Baltimore City, where I’ve worked for the past three mayoral administrations, and for the City Council President’s Office.

These experiences helped me to realize my true calling, which is to advocate on behalf of the people of the City of Baltimore, who I have worked tirelessly and passionately for over the past 14 years.

During the course of my tenure, I have learned how the city operates, gained valuable expertise, experience and practical knowledge as a bridge builder. Along the way I have developed an eclectic reach and earned the reputation as a problem solver, attributes that have helped me to do my part to improve the quality of life for residents of Baltimore’s 5th District and beyond.